Mittwoch, 17. August 2016

Japanishce Tätowierung Samurai und Schlange/ Samurai and snake tattoo

 Work in progress, Japanese style Samurai and snake tattoo on the forearm.

Anyway I have installed the German on my Japanese keyboard.
Finally I could use Japanese, English and German language on my PC.

Still no idea , how I learn Deutsche without going to the language school.

It is no time to go to the school. I really want to focus tattooing, 
I heard that the first step to learn Deutsche is memorize 1500 words.

Step by step, I do my best.

=My 10 min German study =
Ich habe installiert die deutsche Tastatur!

Tastatur= keyboard
Tastatur {tasta ˈtuːr.}f  Tastatur Tastaturen


ich     installier(e)*
du     installierst
er     installiert
wir     installieren
ihr     installiert
sie     installieren

Finally  I know a keyboard called Tastatur in German. haha.


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