Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Japanese tattoo artist working in Berlin

Hi. I'm Ryoki, a Japanese female tattoo artist originally from Osaka.
I currently work at the Für Immer in Berlin.

I have been in the tattooing business 1999 and 
relocated to Germany 2011.

I draw on nature for my inspiration and specialize in flowers and birds!

I also love to do Japanese motifs in exotic and original way and fantasy motifs.

                       in progress
I've been told that my tattoos have a delicate and sensitive touch.

Here is my links

Fur immer Tattoo:
my page:  Ryoki's Tattoo Gallery 

Ryoki's web site :

If you have an interest to get tattoo from me,
please send an E-mail from Appointments page of my web site
or call to my studio  Für Immer

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